What do you do when a million people are chasing the same million dollar dream . You create your own bed .

Wazyfamily is an independent company who’s Sole belief is making the best of what you have . A lot of times , we tend to look for answers in others as humans rather than looking deep into ourselves.

People often, expect other people to do things for them rather than buckling up and going through what you have to go through to get things done . Here at the wazy family , we stopped dreaming and started creating , we stopped seeking and started feeding ,

We understood what it meant to truly make the best out of everyone and everything around you .

We focus on ART AND LIFE . We focus on bringing good music to listeners , great visuals to viewers and great events for adventures .

We’re different , we strive for different. We’re rebellious and we will never be controlled .

Wazy is about believing in something greater than your self , believing in a pure lifestyle , believing in a higher power to guide you through your journey, most of all We’re all about family and making the best of what we got .

Hop on the WAZYFAMILY train , never know where we might head next .

For bookings and inquiries
Email : info@studiobkg@gmail.com